Hello there beautiful artist mamas!

One of the things I love most about Instagram is discovering new art and connecting with the beautiful humans that create it. If you're anything like me, creating art is a spiritual practice-- one that helps you connect you more deeply with yourself and process some of the big emotions that come with living on this planet. 

For quite some time now, I’ve been trying to figure out an effective way to leverage the online community and the amazing artists I've met through Instagram to help create change in a big way.   

Mama Art for Massive Action (MAMA) is the answer to that call! 

MAMA is a collective of artists dedicated to creating change by offering affordable art that directly funds Circle of Health International’s amazing work supporting mamas and babes around the world.   

What is Circle of Health? Circle of Health is a wonderful non-profit organization that provides aide to mothers and children in crisis zones around the world. Many of their projects are focused on training midwives and other care providers to help pregnant and birthing mamas have safe, supported births. I feel passionately about their mission and the impact that they're making in the world. You can learn more about their amazing work at http://cohintl.org/  What does the project involve? As an artist, you’ll be asked to donate 1-5 pieces of digital work (painting, drawing, mixed media, etc.) This artwork will be posted in our Etsy shop, and priced at $10 for the digital download. Supporters of our work can purchase artwork to download (and either print or use electronically), and 100% of the profits from these sales will go to support Circle of Health International. Your contact info/link will be included in the listing for your piece(s) and you’ll be featured on our Instagram page on a regular basis, with the goal of helping you grow your online audience.   

How will my art make an impact? 100% of the profits from the MAMA shop will be donated to Circle of Health International, an amazing nonprofit organization that supports mamas and babes in crisis zones around the world. Each month, we’ll share the exact amount that our shop generated and a screen shot of our donation to COHI.   

How can I protect my work? The item listing for each piece of work will make it clear that the artwork is copyrighted, and the purchase only allows the customer to print the image one time for personal use. While we obviously can’t police or control whether this guideline is respected, the unfortunate truth is that most of our images can be find online and downloaded for free and without any sort of oversight or compensation. By creating this platform, we’re giving supporters of our art a way to create meaningful change in the world.    

Want to join MAMA?  If you would like to participate in this project, please email me at catieatkinson@hotmail.com with subject line MAMA. 

It would be an honor to collaborate with you and have you join the amazing group of artists forming around this project!