She is old dusty books and dark brew and bare feet on dirt floors. Tinctures and tea leaves and the tanned hide of a drum beaten by the bonfire.  She is hands in the soil and bone broth bubbling and candlelight and chamomile. Red wine and ashes and owl feathers.  She is midnight and laughter and thick, sticky elderberry syrup dripping from the wooden spoon. Crystals on the windowsill and clay beads and sun bleached bones on the altar. She is the smell of earth and wood smoke and incense and rose water. Lavender and harp strings and cool spring water in a copper cup. She is glass jars of herbs and oils and dried moth wings and starlight. A silver knife and braided wool and soft skin that smells of jasmine and jade. She is the full moon and the darkness. Wet leaves and crushed velvet and tea stained pages in heavy books, cracked open on the counter. She is magic and mystery. Ancient ways woven through history. She is the women who could not be tamed. The ancestors who could not be burned. She is wild and she is in our blood. ⁠

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